Humidity Applications

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Humidity issues impact various sectors, leading to public health concerns, energy expenditure, GES, waste, and spoilage.

Our Product Range

Our technology comes in a range of passive and active solutions to address the specific issues faced by our customers.

Humidity issues in confined spaces:

Product Deterioration: Moisture can cause food spoilage, mold growth, and degradation of materials like paper, fabric, and electronics.
Corrosion: Metals and machinery are prone to rust and corrosion when exposed to high humidity.
Energy Consumption: Maintaining proper humidity levels often requires energy-intensive dehumidification systems.
Health Risks: Excessive humidity can lead to mold and mildew, which pose health risks to humans.
Economic Loss: Damaged goods and increased maintenance costs result in significant financial losses.
Compromising product quality, increasing maintenance and protection costs, posing health and safety risks, effective humidity control solutions are therefore essential for these sectors.
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Impacted Markets : the transportation value chain

Humidity affects several markets, particularly in the maritime container transport, reusable packaging and self-storage sectors:
• Maritime
• Terrestrial
• Personal
• Professional
Packaging Sector
• Food
• Industrial
• Pharmaceutical
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An efficient and reusable regulating tape

The tape has been specially developed to maximize performance, facilitate deployment, and allow for reuse.
We offer a range of tapes providing high-performance kinetic transfer, versatility in dimensions and capacity, and enhanced durability through robust and reusable materials.
These tapes reduce moisture damage and the energy required to regulate humidity by capping humidity peaks.
An illustration demonstrates the composition of the Passive Regulative Tape and how it works, accompanied by images of the product. 
Illustration of the composition of the Passive Regulative Tape and how it works
Image of Passive Regulating Tape product
Image of Passive Regulating Tape product
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Our team is actively working in its lab to develop our dehumidification product line