The Issue of Humidity in CEA

Humidity in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is a critical concern that impacts the cultivation of crops and the overall productivity of vegetable and fruit production. Greenhouses are designed to create a controlled environment for plants by regulating temperature, light, and humidity.

However, maintaining the right level of humidity is a complex challenge.

High humidity levels inside the greenhouse can lead to several problems :
- Excessive moisture in the air can promote the growth of fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew and botrytis, which can devastate crops and reduce yields.
- Additionally, high humidity can hinder the transpiration process in plants, affecting their ability to take up nutrients and water, leading to stunted growth and nutrient deficiencies.

On the other hand, low humidity can also pose difficulties. In arid conditions, plants may struggle to retain enough moisture, resulting in wilting and reduced photosynthesis. It can also lead to poor fruit development and drop.

Controlling humidity requires a delicate balance. Greenhouse managers utilize various techniques to manage humidity levels, such as ventilation, evaporative cooling systems, and misting.

These methods help in maintaining optimal humidity but are costly and energy intensive.

Our Solution

So Sponge has developed an initial generation of passive products in the form of impregnated tape, which we named the Regulating Ribbon, with the ability to regulate humidity within a specific range, which helps greenhouse managers returning to economic equilibrium in the current context of rising energy costs by providing the following benefits :

Energy Savings
Reduced crop losses & use of pesticides
Reduced Greenhouse Gas emissions
Reduced Maintenance

Our Product

The "Regulating Ribbon" is a passive humidity regulation solution developed by So Sponge. It is designed to maintain an optimal level of relative humidity in an enclosed space, such as a greenhouse or a storage area. Here's how the Regulating Ribbon works:

Adsorbent Material
Thin Layer Formation
Deployment in Enclosed Space

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